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 Wednesday, 19 June, 2019    
Charity Hospice Fund "VERA"

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Our Projects

Charity programs

The Fund participates in several charity programs including:

  • Comfort and Dignity (providing all the necessary means of care, such as diapers and dressing material, medications and medical equipment)
  • First Moscow Hospice Improvement (renovation and maintenance of the First Moscow Hospice and its territory)
  • Hospice Movement in Russia (coordination of Russian hospices activities; educational programs for hospice staff, conferences for hospice personnel and volunteers).
  • Social protection of personnel (providing assistance to the hospice staff and volunteers, subsidies and grants for paying public utilities, fare to the hospice, phone calls, medical insurance, etc.)


During the three years of its existence the Fund carried out the following successful projects:

1. In spring 2009, together with Russias largest publishing house EKSMO, the Fund published a book of short stories by most prominent contemporary Russian writers called Life Stories (, 酻). The idea of helping hospices in Russia joined two dozens of Russias top prose writers  (Boris Akunin, Ludmila Ulitskaya, Vladimir Vojnovich, Andrey Gelasimov, Evgeniy Grishkovec, Alexander Kabakov, Eduard Limonov, Dina Rubina, Avdotija Smirnova, etc.). Over 40 000 copies have already been sold. The book has been a best seller for more than six months already and raised over 4 million rubles.


Here are some links about the book:

a) a piece on NTV about the Book

b) an article in the Expert magazine

c) an article in Novaya Gazeta newspaper


2. An unique ballet-gala Ballet stars a gift to hospice devoted to the 15th anniversary  of  The First Moscow hospice took place on the 14th of October, 2009.  World-famous balley-dancers (Diana Vishneva, Vladimir Malakhov, Faruh Ruzimatov, Maria Aleksandrova, Ilze Liepa, Andrey Batalov, etc.) performed on one stage for two hours and raised over 330 000 rubles.


We suggest that following links to some mass-media covering above mentioned event could be interesting:


a) - a piece on NTV


- a piece on TVcenter


- an interview of one of the Funds Trustees, famous Russian actress Tatiana Drubich


3. A charitable auction of contemporary art held together with Moscow Art center NCCA and SOVCOm Auction House. It was one of the most noticeable events in both art and charity sphears. World known Russian artists donated their works to this auction (Yurij Avvakumov, Yurij Albert, Dmitrij Vrubel, Viktorija Timofeeva, Dmitrij Gutov, etc.).

This auction resulted in 150 000 euros of donations.


4. A new year party for the benefit of our young patients (Sweet day for those who are in trouble) took place in Gostinuj dvor in February, 2008. We raised about 500 000 rubles.


The results

All the funds raised by these events were used  to satisfy the most urgent needs of The First Moscow hospice and six regional hospices. On top of that, the Fund gilded the dome of the Hospice Chapel, renovated the foundation of the Chapel, changed the floor covering on the ground floor of the hospice, organized over 20 concerts for the patients. We should underline that all these were fulfilled  in addition to the realization of our four main programs mentioned above.

One of the major principles of our job is transparency. Returns on any taking or spending are published on a regular basis on our official site

However, it is all not as optimistic as it may sound. Due to the world financial crisis the budget funding of the First Moscow hospice has been cut by a quarter in the last year (from 85 000 000 to 64 000 000 rubles). Therefore, the Fund has been obliged to cover the difference and allocate money for diapers, disposable gloves, staff salary, while other urgent needs were laid aside.


The Hospice Charity Fund Vera needs your help and you may be certain that the First Moscow Hospice is a place where words and deeds go hand in hand and life is made meaningful up to the very last moment 

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