Charity Hospice Fund "VERA"
 Thursday, 24 January, 2019    
Charity Hospice Fund "VERA"

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The Hospice Charity Fund "Vera" has been created to help The First Moscow Hospice, its patients and staff and, providing the fund can afford it, other hospices as well.

The First Moscow Hospice was opened in 1994. It has always existed on state budget money and private donations. Combining these two ways of financing we have managed to create a perfect home, not hospital, for the dying.

Patients come to the hospice being completely devastated by what they had all been through trying not only to resist cancer, but to fight the Russian medical system as well. Unfortunately, "free medicine" in Russia is no more than a phantom. There is no need to say that low salaries provided by the state lead to blatant bribery among doctors in the oncology sector.

About 20-30% of the Hospice yearly budget is private donations. Nevertheless, all the sponsorship we have received so far appeared in the Hospice due to the activity of the Chief Doctor Vera Millionshchikova. It was her who launched the Hospice movement in Russia 15 years ago (with the help and blessing of Victor Zorza - a British and American journalist and hospice activist). Now, however, hospice activists have established a fund that aims to help not only the First Moscow Hospice, but also the hospices all over Russia and the former USSR. The Hospice Charity Fund "Vera" (the name "Vera" means "Faith" in Russian) will also try to attract attention to palliative medicine in general. So far, the majority of incurable patients in Russia are abandoned by the state medical system.

We do not only need money to renovate the building or get some vital things not provided by the state (diapers, walkers, wheelchairs, TV-sets…), but to organize courses on palliative care for our staff, volunteers and relatives. At the moment we are looking for money to renovate our chapel. Besides, we welcome any presents that will help us make our patients feel comfortable and well looked after on the verge of dying - beautiful bed linen, bed-side tables especially adjusted to the needs of disabled people etc. We've been dreaming for years of such things as special nighties for hospital patients (those that have two laces at the back and leave the back naked), or ear thermometers…

The Hospice Charity Fund "Vera" needs your help and you may be certain that the First Moscow Hospice is a place where words and deeds go hand in hand and life goes fully up to the very last moment…

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