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 Wednesday, 19 June, 2019    
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27.05.2007 Hospice-at-Home Terms
Anatoly Ivanovich, Moscow: Could you tell me please how to organize weekly checkup of an oncology patient including pain-relieving shots by the hospice field service? How to calculate the price? What does paper work include? Please tell me an approximate price-range. The patient in question is the resident of Moscow Eastern district, Severnoye Izmailovo.



Dear Anatoly Ivanovich!

The First Moscow Hospice does not charge for its services. Unfortunately the hospice attends to the resident of the Moscow Central District only. There is no hospice in your district yet. You may get a referral to a closest hospice either from a local oncologist or in the Moscow Health Department (43, Oruzheiny lane). Hospices are state-financed free-of-charge institutions. Be aware, that claiming money for hospitalization is illegal. Please, let us now of such instances.

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